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What our clients are saying about us...

Haas Policy Consulting has helped us prepare reports and analyses on state policy in Texas. HPC work for TCER has been completed on time and in a very professional manner. Debra Haas is easy to work with and is a strong communicator. She has a great deal to offer organizations and individuals who are seeking to understand Texas public education policy.
Catherine Clark, Director, Texas Center for Educational Research

Haas Policy Consulting, Inc. has done outstanding work analyzing school district budget for local affiliated with the Texas Federation of Teachers. The analysis has been accurate and impartial, and the explanation of the implications of the analysis has been done in such a way that teachers who are not school finance experts can easily understand not only the facts presented, but the policy implications of those facts. Thanks to the fine work done by Haas Policy Consulting, Inc. our local leaders have gained tremendous insights about the way in which the school finance system affects their school districts, which means our local leaders can talk more intelligently about he school budget when important issues such as teacher salaries, class sizes, or bond issues are up for discussion.
John Cole, President, Texas Federation of Teachers

Haas Policy Consulting, Inc. worked with the Texas A&M System through its Partnership for Texas Public Schools in the preparation of a successful proposal for a Federal Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant. Ms. Haas' ability to write a clear and concise narrative expressing the goals of this project were essential to the winning proposal. Her strong writing and organization skills make Haas Policy Consulting, Inc. an asset to any project.
Dr. William Reaves, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Education, Texas A&M System.

NCSL has relied on Debra Haas to make school finance related presentations at our meetings and seminars because of her ability to provide legislative information to policy audiences in a way that makes sense to legislators. This is a skill not commonly posessed by many school finance experts but extremely important in bridging research and policy implementation.
Terry Whitney, Senior Policy Specialist, National Conference of State Legislatures Education Program

Debra Haas’ experience with public policy, particularly school finance, was invaluable to our work at the Institute for Public School Initiatives at The University of Texas System. Debra analyzed bills during the 2007 legislative session and did a superlative job. She has a keen mind, excellent writing skills, and amazing efficiency.
— Marina Ballantyne Walne, Ph.D., Executive Director, Institute for Public School Initiatives, The University of Texas System